Specialty Eyewear

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Computer Glasses

a pair of glasses sitting on a computer

If you’re spending any amount of time behind your computer, your regular progressive, bifocal, or reading glasses might not be doing the trick. We can make customized eyewear that is specifically designed to enhance ergonomic working distances. With a lens design unique to itself, the Computer Lens will give you the largest intermediate distance available on the market.

Diagram comparing regular progressive lenses and computer lenses

Music Eyewear

specialty eyewear for musicians

Musicians depend on their eyewear to work effectively at the right focal distance. Whether performing in an orchestra or playing an instrument at home, it’s crucial that a musician’s eyewear works in harmony with the distance required to perform.

Occupational/Specific Task Eyewear

prescription safety glasses

Regardless of the task, we’ve got a lens to accommodate your specific needs. Electrician? Plumber? Avid cross stitcher? Yea, there’s a lens for that.

Safety Eyewear

four people wearing safety glasses and safety goggles in different occupations

You only get one pair of eyes so it’s important to make sure your baby blues, browns, and greens are protected at all times. On top of The Eyeglass Place of Newington supplying the safety eyewear needs for several local businesses, you can ensure the durability and protection you need for your individual safety eyewear needs as well, and you can rest assured that all of our safety eyewear meets or exceeds OSHA standards.

Sports Eyewear

woman wearing specialty sports eyewear

From the basketball court to the deep, blue sea, it’s always best to protect your eyes when participating in certain activities. That’s why smart athletes wear protective eyewear. At The Eyeglass Place of Newington, we not only offer protective eyewear to enhance the performance of all types of athletes, we even adapt your prescription to the protective eyewear best suited to your sport. So whether you’re swinging the bat, scuba diving or showing off your latest golf swing, we can outfit you with the proper protective eyewear.

Sun Eyewear

woman wearing fashion sunglasses

We offer a large selection of men’s and women’s sunglass frames for both prescription and non-prescription use. Available in a wide range of eye-catching colors, designs and shapes, our stylish sunglasses set the stage for a little fun in the sun. And because we make it our business to help prevent the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your eyes, you can be sure that all of our sunwear offers full UV protection.

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