Range Eyewear

Karen specializes in the consultation and individual design of protective eyewear for all kinds of shooting sports. She has even designed special lenses for people engaged in the sport of fencing, musket shooting and pool among others.  Many people struggle with the limitations that prescription lenses offer when trying to enjoy their chosen sport.

Areas in a progressive lens may not be providing clarity peripherally while shooting trap/skeet. Iron sights are no longer clear without having to raise their heads in an awkward position to find “just the right spot.” These and many more frustrations stand in the way of people’s enjoyment of their shooting sports.

Karen is a bullseye shooter herself, holding a Master classification with the NRA and made the Mayleigh Team at Camp Perry in 2016. Combining years of shooting with over 40 years as a licensed optician, she has the ability to understand what you are experiencing and the optical knowledge to design the perfect solution for you.


Went to see Karen at The Eyeglass Place in Newington. I needed to update the Rx on my shooting glasses. Although I had originally purchased them online a few years ago, I decided that I wanted to work with someone local, especially an optician who was familiar with shooters.

Karen was GREAT. She took the time to dial in the Rx for both pistol shooting and for skeet/trap shooting. I was even able to bring in my pistol to fine-tune the distance (emptied and safely-checked, of course!)

We created interchangeable lenses for the two different disciplines. (I have interchangeable lenses for my dominant right eye: one optimized for pistol shooting, focusing on the right sight, and another optimized for sets for low/flat light and for bright light conditions. Even better, she was able to use my existing frames (Ranger Edge).

I used them for the first time a few nights ago at a pistol class. What a HUGE difference! I actually won the shooting competition that night!

I HIGHLY recommend Karen and The Eyeglass Place in Newington, not only for your general eyeglasses but especially if you’re a shooter and you want to work with someone who “gets it!”

Karen does a fantastic job. Very thorough. Since receiving my shooting glasses I now have crystal clear sights and faster target acquisition. I can’t thank Karen enough. It was a 2 hour drive but well worth it.
Thank you Karen!  –Jim P.

I am an IDPA shooter and have gone to see Karen for a few years now.  She has been so patient and has gone above and beyond to ensure I have the best glasses. She has a unique way of understanding what I am trying to say which has not happened with other people.  Being a shooter herself has been a real plus. I am so happy I found her!  -A. Anderson

I have purchased several pairs of glasses from Karen for both shooting and also for fishing.  I will go to no one else!  She is so easy to work with.  It was great to be able to work with someone who understands me and my challenges and is comfortable with me bringing my firearms.  She did exact measurements and I can see my sights perfectly! I highly recommend.  -M. Stevens

I have worked with several Opticians trying to find a solution to being able to see the sights on my pistol clearly with very little success.

Then I met Karen at a match where we discussed what I wanted to achieve with corrective eyewear.  After a very thorough consultation. She was able to come up with a solution that allowed me to once again see the sights clearly. Her knowledge of the shooting sports is invaluable when designing custom eyewear.

I have been seeing Karen for all my eyewear needs ever since.    

Greg Gardella

2018 Connecticut Indoor Pistol State Champion

I have been working with Karen for a few years now. Until I met Karen, I had no idea there was an option to tune my shooting glasses to such a fine degree. Being able to talk to an Optician who totally understands what it is that I am trying to achieve is far different from seeing an “eye doctor”.

Karen being a high-level shooter herself relates to your needs. She understands the terminology in the shooting world. When I was encouraged to bring my guns and optics in for my eye exam and evaluation, I was shockingly surprised.

Karen has not only fixed my Bullseye indoor shooting prescription but is now helping me in my outdoor action shooting needs.

I would suggest all shooters make an appointment with Karen and you will see just how much better your shooting vision can be. Not to mention she is willing to meet at a shooting range to try different scripts! A+++

Jon Trudeau



Karen helped me tremendously with my glasses!  I could not see my sights and the target at all and had worked with several people through the years trying to fix this.  She got it first time! I can’t say enough about her abilities to understand and remedy the issues I had.  I now have a new optical place, highly recommend this place to anyone that shoots.  –Bill H. 

Karen was recommended by a friend for shooting glasses a couple years ago and I will keep going back as she is consistent in her ability to know just what I need to be able to both teach as well as enjoy shooting. She is very easy and friendly to work with.

I was really struggling with my front sights and she was able to figure out why and fix it for me. This last visit I bought Ranger glasses as per her recommendation and I have 3 lenses that I can swap out.

I have sent numerous friends and students to her for her expertise. Being an optician and a shooter herself is a big plus. She is knowledgeable in both the needs of hand gun as well as rifle/shotgun shooting.

I saw Dr. Brittany for my exam this last time and she was awesome too! She was very thorough and didn’t make me feel rushed. I have to say, they have a great team at The Eyeglass Place.

-Michael Veronese

Firearms Instructor

Lifesafe Training

I have struggled for years with my progressives and shooting.  I heard about Karen at a match and figured I had nothing to lose.  I was ready to quit out of frustration.  Karen was so patient and thorough.  She knew exactly what I was struggling with and how to fix it! I can now shoot and see my sights clearly without bobbing my head all around. She also had a lot of safety frames to pick from as that was important to me shooting steel.  I can’t say enough about my experience with Karen and her staff.  I now enjoy shooting again!   – D. Hardy


I met Karen at a shooting event and was excited to learn she could help me.  I shoot skeet, plates and some prone.  She was familiar with all of the types of shooting I do which was a real help as my other places never did.  She recommended lenses to help me see my sights on my handguns as well as helping me for skeet.  She also made me a lens for my “junkers” for prone.  I am going to continue to see them for all my eyeglasses. – S. Stevens