Products & Services

Eye Exams

Our Independent Doctors of Optometry offer full comprehensive eye exams to evaluate the health of the eye and accept most major medical insurances. A typical exam includes a refraction to provide your eyeglass prescription, and dilation of your eyes to test for cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, thyroid eye disease, and signs of high blood pressure in your eyes. Our doctors can even help with medical issues like pinkeye, also called conjunctivitis, and ocular seasonal allergies.

Contacts Lenses and Exams

Our doctors are experts in fitting contact lenses. Dr Youssefi has a very successful practice specializing in complex contact lens fits.  Both her and Dr Goyal will fit you with the lenses that are perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

Adjustment & Repairs

As Licensed Opticians, we feel it our duty to service our patrons with any adjustments and/or repairs that they may need through the life of their glasses. Our adjustments cover the normal wear and tear of daily use to the occasional unexpected accident. Our repairs include nose pad installation, screw tightening and replacement, and replacement parts as available and warrantied by the manufacturer when purchased from our store.


Thinking about buying your glasses online? You do not have to do that! We have literally hundreds of frames at on-line prices to choose from.  No stress of having to guess your own measurements, you can try them on now to see how you look. They will be properly adjusted to your face by a licensed optician and you will have the peace of mind knowing they were made correctly to your prescription. 


At The Eyeglass Place, we take the time to make it clear to our patrons that not all lenses are created equally. There are a number of factors that go into properly selecting a lens based on the individual needs. In fact, selecting the correct and appropriate lens for each person is a complex science. Fortunately, our licensed opticians are extensively trained to help you choose a lens that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Whatever your selection is, you can be comforted to know that you will receive the very best optical quality lenses that are available on the market because when it comes to your vision, there is no compromise. At The Eyeglass Place, we make sure that we are up to date on our lens technologies which is why digitally mastered lenses are at the top of our list of options. Bottom line, putting outdated lenses in a swanky new frame just makes no sense.

Computer Glasses

We all spend a large amount of our day using computers and other forms of hand-held devices.  For some people their standard progressive just doesn’t provide sufficient mid-range for their comfort, and a bifocal, or reading glasses just don’t cut it. We can make customized eyewear that is specifically designed to enhance ergonomic working distances. With a lens design unique to itself, a computer lens will give you the largest intermediate distance available on the market.

Sun Eyewear

We offer a large selection of men’s and women’s sunglass frames for both prescription and non-prescription use. Available in a wide range of eye-catching colors, designs and shapes, our stylish sunglasses set the stage for a little fun in the sun. And because we make it our business to help prevent the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your eyes, you can be sure that all of our sun wear offers full UV protect.

Special Offers

1st Responder Discount

To honor our Police Officers and other First Responders, The Eyeglass Place will give 30% Off a complete purchase of frame and lens.

Offers cannot be combined and discounts do not apply when using insurance. Some restrictions may apply. Contact store for details.

Military Appreciation Discount

In appreciation of your service, active and retired military personnel can take an additional 30% Off a complete purchase of frame and lens.

Offers cannot be combined and discounts do not apply when using insurance. Some restrictions may apply. Contact store for details

Return Policy


All prescription eyewear is custom made for each patient based on the prescription from your doctor. We take extra care and pride in helping you to find the best possible style frames and lenses to meet all of your specific needs. Once an order has been started with our lab, we are unable to stop the production of the lenses. Should you not be happy with the finished product, we will do our very best to find a suitable solution for you. Please note, all specialty and/or custom orders are FINAL. 


Contacts lenses are not able to be returned for any reason. If you are unhappy with your contact lenses, please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss any options that may be available to you. 


The Independent Optometrists take their time to assure you are happy with your final prescriptions however, there are situations in which you may need to be seen again. Should you need an adjustment with your prescription, you may schedule a follow up with the Independent Optometrist within 45 days of your original exam. This same 45-day period is extended on most eyewear purchases to make adjustments to the prescription, if needed.  

We appreciate every opportunity to do business with you!