Contact Lenses

Want to take a break from your glasses? Contacts are a great way to do just that! Once receiving your latest prescription from one of our Independent Optometrists or a doctor of your choice, our Licensed Optician can fit you with the lenses that are perfect for your needs and lifestyle. With the newest technology literally available on your fingertips, our Optician can provide you with single vision, toric (lenses for astigmatism), multifocal, or gas permeable lenses. Have a difficult prescription? No problem! We can custom design a lens that is tailored for your exact needs.


At The Eyeglass Place of Newington, we take the time necessary to achieve the lens design, fit, and comfort that is best for you. We’ll teach you the correct way to insert and remove your lenses as well as proper hygiene and maintenance.

Types of Lenses

Contact Lens Type: Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are the lens type of choice for most contact lens fitters and wearers alike. Because they come in a multitude of different materials, prescription strengths, and lens replacement modalities, most people can find a lens that fits their needs perfectly. Soft lenses can be used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and even bifocal needs. Because there are so many options to choose from, our Opticians will evaluate your individual prescription, needs, and ocular parameters to best assist you in choosing the correct lens for you.

Contact Lens Type: Rigid Gas Permeable (Hard) Lenses

While prescribed less frequently than their soft lens counterparts, these lenses are invaluable to many contact lens wearers whose prescription and/or eye condition do not allow them to see properly with traditional soft lenses. Individuals with high amounts of astigmatism, corneal irregularities and keratoconus often have their vision and quality of life enhanced by wearing these specialty lenses. At The Eyeglass Place of Newington, we have contact lens practitioners trained to fit lenses to assist these individuals.

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